1.Titanium material (C.P.titanium or alloy)
    Plate: thickness<=4.76 width<=1100 length<=3000mm ASTM,AMS,MIL
    Sheet: thickness 0.5-4.75 width<=1000 length<=2400mm ASTM,AMS,MIL
    Pipe/tube: O.D0.8-114 wall thickness0.05-4.5 length<=10000mm ASTM,AMS,MIL
    Wire: Dia. 0.25-5.0mm ASTM,AMS,ERTI-1,RETI-2,ERTI-3,RETI-4,ERTI-5
    Bar: Dia 6.0-100 length<=3000mm ASTM,AMS,MIL
2.Machining parts:
    Titanium fasteners
    1£©Titanium Bolt (specification: M1.6¡­¡­M22, M24, length: 10¡«150(mm))
    2£©Titanium Nut (specification: M2¡­¡­M22, M24)
    3£©Titanium Washer (specification:Dia.2~Dia.24)
    4£©Titanium Screw
    5£©Titanium Rivet and Titanium Pin of various specifications and other non-standard titanium fasteners
Note: we can manufacture according to your drawings.

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